Thursday, 2 February 2012

Project Time

On a good day, my room is a little treasure trove lined with an array of teacups and candles. Unfortunately, right now it resembles a bomb site where the debris is mounds of clothing. Think Hiroshima. It is definitely time to bite the bullet and return my room to it's normal state. In doing so, I'm taking on some new projects.

1.Floating shelves
A place to put my treasures, books, and cat figurines

2. Pictures, post cards, and cutouts on a string
This is going to be a cross between a vision board and a wall of legends (Angry Boys reference). It will have postcards from where I've been, pictures of people I love, and cutouts of things I admire

I don't know when , but I WILL posses a confettisystem hopefully in the near future

images via here, here, and here

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